Exposition of the Divine Principle

– the red part –

Slideshow Presentation in Powerpoint 2007 from the Diagramed Lecture Manual for the Red Part developed by Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu.

These PowerPoints are designed with many animations to emphasize each point of the lecture.

When you reach a word in the text that is underlined or in yellow, click the mouse (or press the space bar). In this way, the appropriate image appears at the time you mention it in your presentation.

Download Powerpoint Files for Free

Each file is compressed into zipped files for easier downloading – they are large files.
If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download a free viewer from www.microsoft.com:

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Powerpoint 2007

P a r t   O n e

Powerpoint 2007

P a r t   T w o

Introduction to Restoration
(revised 4/28/14)
(1.7 MB)

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